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Educational Counseling Office

The Educational Counseling Office is one of the services rendered to the community by Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano. We provide the following services: Information and Counseling for those interested in studying abroad, computerized test to enter the United States’...

Information and Counseling


About public and private universities, graduate studies, master´s programs, doctoral program, intensive English programs courses, financial aid, scholarships, student visas, junior colleges in the liberal arts, music and other short courses.
The Educational Information and Resources Branch of the United States Department of State supports a network of over 500 EducationUSA Advising Centers which promote higher education around the world. The Educational Counseling Office, known by its initials as ECO, is part of the EducationUSA network.  We offer accurate, unbiased, objective information about all accredited US higher education institutions.













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