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Lincoln Library of the Domínico Americano

Our mission is to provide information services, as well as scientific, technical, humanistic and recreational documentation to the students and teachers...


We have the following locations:

Main Reading Room 
This is located in the Cultural Complex of the institution, near Patrick N. Hughson Auditorium. It covers approximately 200 square meters. Most of the stock of documents is stored here, and it offers services of circulation and loan of documents to the community of users. It is the only office that is open to the general public.
Meeting and Projection Room 
The meeting room has a table, chairs, a television and a DVD player for group study and/or discussion, without affecting the atmosphere of silence of the Library’s main reading room, which is designed for individual studying.
Children’s Section for the Children of the Pre-School and the Colegio Domínico-Americano
This office serves children from Domínico Americano’s School and Pre-school programs.
Inaugurated on September 14th, 2009, the Children’s Section is meant exclusively for the child population from Kinder at Domínico Americano Pre-School up to Fourth Grade at Domínico Americano School. It consists of a reading room with tables and chairs suited to the physical development of the little ones, booths with Internet access, an area for group reading, programs for animated reading, and bibliographic and reading instructions for children and their parents and/or legal guardians.
Center for Audiovisual Resources
Better known as CRA for its initials in Spanish, the Center for Audovisual Resurces is located in Building C of the ICDA complex. The CRA is in charge of loaning and providing and technical support for a varied spectrum of audiovisual and multimedia equipment that the teachers, administrative and academic staff use to teach a class, such as VCR activities, and institutional events. This equipment consists of: LCD projectors, slide projectors, VHS, DVDs, TVs, radios/tape recorders, flip charts, etc. Some of this equipment is already installed in specific classrooms.


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