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Lincoln Library of the Domínico Americano

Our mission is to provide information services, as well as scientific, technical, humanistic and recreational documentation to the students and teachers...

Policies and Penalties
Loss of and / or Damages to Documents, both printed and not printed.

Patrons who lose or damage a borrowed item must pay the cost of replacing such item at the moment of the loss and/or damage, plus a fee of RD$150.00 to pay for the technical processing and reinvestment of worn out items. Payment must be made at the ICDA’s General Cashier. This sanction applies, without exception, to all patrons of the Lincoln Library: students, teachers, administrative staff and special users.

 In the case of ICDA teachers and administrative staff, the sum they have to pay can be taken out of their pay by the payroll department, once the teacher or staff authorizes that this sum be deducted from his or her salary. Should he/she not authorize the deduction, the case will be sent to the collections department of the finances division. The Collections Section will follow up on the case, respecting the policies in effect. Students, on the other hand, can choose to pay directly to our own General Cashier.

The same procedure will be followed in case the patron (regardless of his or her type of affiliation with the ICDA) withdraws from the organization without honoring any obligations incurred therein with our office. Upon his/her leaving, the collections department will follow up on such cases.
Loans and Return of Documents
The documents that can be lent on home loan are from the General Collections, of reading for children and adolescents; also, audiovisual and electronic resources. As far as the documents in the reference collection, of reserve, periodicals, and maps.
The period of the loan of an item depends on the collection to which it belongs and/or the demand for such item. Items loaned to students and teachers must be returned on the date indicated at the moment of the loan; otherwise, the approved sanctions in current policy will be applied.. 
Sanctions to Late Returns
As of September 2010, the Lincoln Library will begin to fine users who keep their documents more time than they were allowed upon taking out the loan. The scale that will be applied is as follows:
Teachers of all the ICDA programs, UNICDA employees and students from ninth (9th) through twelfth (12th) grades will be charged RD$5.00 per late day until they reach a maximum of RD$100.00. Fines may be paid either at the photocopier or at the general cashier’s, upon handing in the payment slip at the circulation area of the Library.
Sanctions to grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade
Users in the grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade will not be allowed to borrow another item until they have returned the one that is overdue. If the item is not returned, Domínico Americano School will retain the student’s report cards during the periods for this activity established by the Domínico Americano School. The same policy applies to quarterly and end-of-school-year grade turn in.
Likewise, Domínico Americano University students and teachers must clear their status at the end of each academic term. The same policy applies to all other students of the ICDA programs (Immersion, Exchange, etc.), and to all the administrative employees before the end-of-year vacations and/or leaving the ICDA.
Renewal of Documents
Checked out items can be renewed for as long as the current procedures allow, either personally or by phone, provided they have not been placed on hold by another patron.
Materials that are considered detrimental to the moral formation of the Domínico Americano School Students.
All documents, printed or not printed, audiovisual or electronic to be included in the Lincoln Library collections are chosen on a basis of their contribution to the curricula of the ICDA schools, the ethical and moral values furthered by the institution and the areas of motivation toward reading of their natural users. Therefore, their content is checked in order to determine: the social values, attitudes and stereotypes they might transmit and the language (visual and written) used.
Physical Damages to Audiovisual or Multimedia Equipment and/or their Loss
The person who assumes the responsibility of the equipment must pay for the repairs or purchase of a new one of the same characteristics if they should suffer some damage or be lost while in their possession. The cost of the damage or replacement will be determined by the ICDA Purchase Committee in light of the current prices on the market.
Return of Audiovisual or Multimedia Equipment
The ICDA teacher and/or employee is responsible for returning personally, or having delivered to the CRA personnel in perfect conditions, the equipment that they were lent. Under no circumstances will the equipment be returned through a student, or left unattended in the place where they were used.
Policies Regarding the Acceptance of Donations and Loan of Documents
We reserve the right to accept monetary donations or documents that third parties may donate to us. Donations must be made in name of the ICDA.
Loans may and may not be included in the collections depending on their meeting technical criteria such as: physical condition, being up to date, propriety and availability of space on the shelves, etc….. If a donated document is not included in our inventory it may be donated to other libraries and/or be sold at moderate prices at the book sales we carry out in order to increase monetary resources for the acquisition of other bibliographic materials requested by patrons.

Documents that are not included our collections because they do not comply with our collection development policies will be exchanged or donated. The exchange will be ruled by the principle of equity.



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