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Lincoln Library of the Domínico Americano

Our mission is to provide information services, as well as scientific, technical, humanistic and recreational documentation to the students and teachers...

Audiovisual Resources Center

The Audiovisual Resources Center (known by its initials in Spanish CRA) loans audiovisual and multimedia equipment to teachers of the Domínico Americano programs who work on campus only.  Loan of this equipment is intended for class use and instructional activities.

Students of Domínico Americano School, Domínico Americano University, and Domínico Americano Language Institute may borrow these resources as per their teachers’ request.  Teachers whose students borrow any resources form our center will be held accountable for such resources. 

The reservation and use of the same is regulated by specific policies.  Off-campus use is occasional and must be authorized by the Executive Director of the ICDA.


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