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Domínico Americano School 

We offer the levels of primary and secondary education in English, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS) of the United States and the Education ministry (MEE) of the Dominican Republic, teaches Spanish as their mother tongue; History also Dominican, Moral and Civic.

High School

High School Program, Overview for Grades 9 through 12

The High School offers two curricula. The parents must choose one of the two once the student enters High School.
a)The high school program: This program allows students to transfer to and from schools in the United States, as well as going on to study at American universities or other institutions.

b)The high school -- baccaulaureate program: Besides the above advantages, this program meets all the requirements of the Secretaría de Estado de Educación (SEE) of the Dominican Republic, and provides those students who follow it the option of attending local universities. Because of these requirements, twelfth grade students in this program must take the Pruebas Nacionales (National Examinations) given by the SEE.
Entering the High School - Baccalaureate in the tenth grade may mean that a student must attend summer school, and does not guarantee that the student will complete the graduation requirements together with his group. A student cannot change into or enter this program in eleventh or twelfth grade, unless he is willing to meet all the requirements and graduate from the program in due time.
Academic requirements for the High School Program
English and Literature 4.0
Mathematics: Mandatory Subjects: Algebra II, Geometry, and fourth year math 4.0
Science: Mandatory Subjects: Biology and Chemistry 4.0
Social Studies: Mandatory Subjects: World Geography, World History, American History, and Civics 3.5
One foreign language other than Spanish 2.0
Spanish and Dominican culture 1.0
Physical Education 1.5
Computer Science 1.0
Health 1.0
Electives 6.0
Total number of required credits: 27.0

Requirements for High School Graduation:

The requirements for graduation at the Colegio Domínico-Americano  are the following:

The student must have:

• Successfully taken all the subjects in the High School curriculum.
• Performed the Student Social Service by participating in community work.
• In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, the student must have a satisfactory record of overall behavior.


Academic Requirements for the High School - Baccalaureate Program.

Subjects Credits
English/Literature 4.0
Mathematics Mandatory subjects: Algebra II, Geometry, and 12th Grade Pre-Calculus 4.0
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Physiology in 12th grade 4.5
Social Studies: World Geography, World History, Economics, American History, and Civics (American) 4.0
Dominican Social Studies -- History and Geography of America, Dominican History I and II 2.5
Spanish: Spanish 9 & 10, Spanish Literature, and Latin American Literature 4.0
French I & II 1.0
Physical Education 1.5
Computer Science 1.0
Health 1.0
Arts 0.5
Total number of required credits:


Graduation Requirements

The following are necessary in order to graduate from the Colegio Domínico-Americano:

Each student must have:

• Successfully taken and passed all the subjects on the Secondary School curriculum;
• Have performed the Student Social Service, evaluated in 12th grade through student participation in community projects;
• Have passed the ‘Pruebas Nacionales’  for 12th grade, in the case of a student participating in the High School – Baccalaureate Program.
• In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, the student must have a satisfactory behavior record, and fulfill all the graduation requirements.

Sponsored by Psychology department


The Colegio Dominico-Americano Values program is a character education tool that teaches guiding principles to support healthy interactions, positive behaviors and strong decision making skills based on moral and ethical values. We encourage the exercise of values to direct behaviors and experiences leading to positive relationships within our school community and beyond.

The Dominico-Americano psychology department recognizes the need for strong moral character, therefore its focuses the program on forming well grounded students with strong intellectual and moral competence. The values program is designed to promote specific character traits each month to encourage student motivation, responsible actions and the integration of values into students’ daily experience.

Teachers are encourage to incorporate these guiding principles to support healthy interactions, positive behaviors and strong decision making skills based on moral and ethical values through their academic classes in English, Math, Social Studies, Science and especially through health. The character education is a cross curricular program affecting all aspects of the students education, recognized monthly the first Friday of the month and in accordance to the value identified in the academic calendar and reinforced during the month.
The Health program incorporates specific activities which foster this education along with service projects for the community. The students in High School are required 60 hours of community service. Furthermore, at the end of the school year, the senior and junior class participates in the Candlelight ceremony which is based on the passing of the knowledge and the values which are the core to the education at the Dominico-American.

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