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We offer the levels of primary and secondary education in English, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS) of the United States and the Education ministry (MEE) of the Dominican Republic, teaches Spanish as their mother tongue; History also Dominican, Moral and Civic.

Career Orientation and University Orientation

Career Orientation and University Information

SAT and PSAT information:
Each year the Colegio Dominico-Americano administers the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) to all juniors and a select group of sophomores (space permitting). Test fees are covered by the school and therefore students are not required to make an additional payment for the exam.

About the PSAT:
The PSAT/ NMSQT measures critical reading, math problem solving and writing skills. Complete test administration takes 2 hours and 45 minutes. For more detailed information about the test please visit www.collegeboard.com

PSAT Preparation:
The Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT is distributed to students a month prior to the official test date and students are encouraged to review the material. Several weeks before the official administration, students simulate the test utilizing the practice tests booklets.

On the test date:
Mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 13, 2010. Be sure to bring you calculator. For additional information and free SAT preparation materials, please visit collegeboard.com

Next Step SAT:

Juniors and seniors who are planning on attending college in the United States are highly encouraged to take the SAT`s. Students who wish to take the SAT general and/or subject test must register for the test online at www.sat.collegeboard.com On this site students will find practice tests and study skills to help them prepare for the exam. On the test day, students must go to Carol Morgan School, the an official test center for the SAT in the Dominican Republic.

To register for the SAT’s students will need our CEEB code, which follows:
Colegio Dominico Americano CEEB Code: 842272

The high school counselor is available throughout the year to answer questions and provide support to students wishing to take the PSAT and SAT.

Career Week:  The purpose of Career Week is to provide basic information that all students need to know about college, scheduled during the month of September. Our goal is to help you students feel more comfortable in taking the next big step towards their future. Workshops are tailored for 11th and 12th grade students. Participants receive information about local and international universities, issues related to the admissions process, financial aid and scholarship search, as well as different career opportunities. 

Guest representatives from various institutions inform students about their programs, facilities, costs and admission requirements. Students have the opportunity to talk to representatives of various universities from the USA. Students also receive information about higher education opportunities and events throughout the year. These are scheduled per university request and student’s needs.

Topics covered:

  • Services offered by the ICDA Educational Advising Office (ECO)
  • Information from local and international universities
  • Programs costs and admission requirements
  • The admissions process
  • Writing a successful admissions essay
  • Financial aid and scholarship search
  • Completing the Federal Application for Student Aid or FAFSA
  • Career choices
  • University life
  • The job search process
  • Resume writing skills

If you are an admissions coordinator or college student recruiter and would like to participate in our annual event, please contact us at counselor@icda.edu.do to schedule a visit.

ECO – ICDA Educational Advising Office link:

The Dominico-Americano provides the community educational orientation service. In their offices they have the university catalogs, information on the TOEFL, GMAT and other university entrance exams information.  Their office provides the computerized exam services for the above test.

Kuder Link:  www.kuder.com Student will take their exam to define their career inclinations during their senior year. This link provides additional information the test.


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