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Domínico Americano School 

We offer the levels of primary and secondary education in English, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS) of the United States and the Education ministry (MEE) of the Dominican Republic, teaches Spanish as their mother tongue; History also Dominican, Moral and Civic.

 School Registration Information Admission Requirements
Admission Requirements

Contact Person

Ms. Soranlly Heredia is the Administrative Assistant in charge of Registration at the Colegio. Feel free to contact her for all information regarding admissions and transcripts. She can be reached at (809) 535-0665, extension 3303.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must fulfill the following requirements in order to take the admissions exam:
Must have reached the required age for the level before October 31st of the current year;
Must have received satisfactory grades both in academic achievement and in classroom behavior the two previous school years;
Must fully master the English language in order to enter 7th or 8th grade or High School;
The candidate must then present copies of his/her transcript from the Institution he/she is transferring from. Original set needs to be deposited once admitted.


Request the admission exam and pay required exam fee.
After the candidate has passed the admission test, the school psychologist or counselor will interview him / her and his /her family.
Once the student is admitted, the student must go to the Office of the Registrar and complete the admissions procedures, by presenting the following documents and full tuition payment. Said documents will become property of the Colegio.

Two 2x2 photographs;
An original birth certificate;
A certified original of the last two academic levels completed, with a minimum required average of C;
A letter of good conduct from the school the student is transferring from;
A medical certificate, including vaccination record, and health certificate verifying the yearly visit to a ophthalmologist and the dentist.

The Colegio Dominico-Americano reserves the right to accept or deny admission to new applicants.

Transferring Students from abroad

Aside from fulfilling the admission requirements, the applicant must do the following:
According to the guidelines established by the Secretaría de Estado de Educación (Department of Education), all students who come from educational centers abroad and who request admission in grades seven and up must validate the grades they had previously received at the Department of Validations of the Secretaría de Estado de Educación.
The Colegio will give credit for all subjects transferring students have taken and passed. If they have not taken and/or passed a subject that is a pre-requirement for another course, or if there is no proof that the credits have been transferred, or if a student comes from a school that is not accredited, the Colegio will determine the credits that are necessary to complete the graduation requirements, and can require that the student attend summer school, or take an extra subject during the school year.

Registration dates at the Colegio

Pre-registration forms for the following school year are accepted the second week of February. During the registration period, reservations are subject to availability. We likewise receive students transferring during the course of the school year, as long as the student meet all the requirements for the grade, bring good grades from the current school year, and availability at the request grade level.

February 1st week
Pre-registration forms distributed to currently enrolled students
February 2nd week
Return of Pre-registration forms properly completed and thereby guaranteeing reservation until April 28th
As of 2nd week of February
New students begin registration process by presenting copy of student’s current report cards and taking admission exams. Reservations are made at this time.
March 1st to 28th April
Payments of registration fee are made for current students, without surcharge.
Starting March 1st
Payment of registration fee for new students, without surcharge and for available slots. Closing date is dependent on availability.

Up to 30th of April 
10 % discount for full payment is applied up to the 30th of April.

Up to 15th of July
 5 % discount for full payment is applied up to the 15th of July.   

Aug 1st to 15th
Payment of book order for current and new students, registered on or before June 1st-

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