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Domínico Americano School 

We offer the levels of primary and secondary education in English, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS) of the United States and the Education ministry (MEE) of the Dominican Republic, teaches Spanish as their mother tongue; History also Dominican, Moral and Civic.


Colegio Domínico-Americano is an outgrowth of its parent organization, the Instituto Cultural Dominico-Americano (ICDA). The objectives and philosophy of the schools are intertwined with the objectives and institutional philosophy of the ICDA as a whole. These are best understood in the context of the long path of community service the ICDA has enjoyed since 1947.

The School is an educational service offered to the community since 1981. These services include Pre-school education for the ages of toddlers to 5 years of age, and the CDA, that runs from first through twelfth grade. We share with the other schools of the ICDA the physical facilities, located on two city blocks and comprising six buildings, which include CDA School in Buildings ‘B’ and ‘E”, Lincoln Library, Patrick N. Hughson Auditorium, cafeteria, basketball, and volleyball courts; as well as two parking lots. Another important educational benefit on site for the school is the Cultural Department of Performing Arts and Services for the community. (See Picture Gallery).

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