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Domínico Americano School 

We offer the levels of primary and secondary education in English, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS) of the United States and the Education ministry (MEE) of the Dominican Republic, teaches Spanish as their mother tongue; History also Dominican, Moral and Civic.

Philosophy and Objetives


The school philosophy is that each student:

  • Is a unique individual called to self-fulfillment in the educational, psychological, affective, social, moral, cultural and aesthetic dimensions in accordance with his/her interests and potential;
  • Can develop its own opinions and personalities which can be appreciated in a nurturing atmosphere;
  • Is supported by his/her peers, parents, educators, and the community at large.
  • Has specific learning styles, abilities, cultural and linguistic diversities which should be taken into consideration and promoted for the benefit of the individuals and the group;
  • Develop human values and knowledge in all areas of the humanities, arts, sciences and technologies, and social and moral relationships to be used for their own benefit and that of the society at large;
  • Has the right to a holistic education based on an USA-type school curriculum that allows for the transfer to and from any accredited American or Dominican university;
  • Has the right and moral obligation to use all of the above to meet the moral and scientific challenges of the future.

Objectives: The objectives of the Dominico-Americano School are:

  • To provide a USA-type curriculum which allows for the smooth transfer to any USA accredited institution.
  • To promote the comprehensive development of its students in the areas of physical fitness, intellectual formation, and the affective, social, ethical and aesthetic dimensions, to set the foundations for successful professional lives.
  • To provide the students who plan to continue studying at local universities with the necessary skills in the Spanish language;
  • To encourage the appreciation of other cultures, within the framework of globalization and international coexistence;
  • To create a healthy learning environment underlined by mutual respect, strong discipline, and cooperation as the basis for acquiring basic skills;
  • To foster the students’ ability to think critically, reason, experiment and generalize, so that they are able to evaluate social and personal events;
  • To develop the students’ sense of personal competence, self-worth, and an objective awareness of their strengths and weaknesses;
  • To form citizens conscious of their rights and duties, guided by a strong sense of responsibility, respect, and human dignity for themselves and their fellow human beings.

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