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Julio Alberto Hernández Male Choir
The Julio Alberto Hernández Male Choir was created in 1990 by Professor Mario Martinez as a Cultural Program of the ICDA, in order to support the production of high-quality choir music and at the same time render a well-deserved homage to the outstanding Dominican composer Julio Alberto Hernández, for his valuable work in aid of Dominican musical art.
Since 2006, the JAH (Julio Alberto Hernández Choir) has been directed by Professor Henry Cordero, and has managed to maintain a constant trajectory of successful performances.
Its repertoire is based on polyphonic choir works of the XIXth and XXth centuries, giving priority to church music, Gregorian chants, national folklore, songs by Julio Alberto Hernandez and good but non-religious music with colorful sounds that include present-day music.
The Julio Alberto Hernández Male Choir has won first place on several occasions at different festivals of choir music at a national and international level.
It has performed in Puerto Rico, Curacao, Aruba, and at Isla Margarita, and has participated as an invited choir at the Vicente Carreño International Choir Festival in Venezuela.
In 2005, the JAH was the host group at the III Festival of Choirs of the Choir Federation of the Caribbean and Central America, held at the Domínico Americano
Throughout its 20 uninterrupted years of activities, the JAH has proven its high quality and its dedication to refined choral singing.


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