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Domínico Americano Language School

The Language School (“EDI” by its initials in Spanish) is the division of the bi-national center Instituto Cultural Domínico-Americano dedicated to the teaching of the languages and cultures of the  Dominican Republic  and the United States of America.

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English Program for Adults

Regular Courses

(17 years of age and up)

Nine (9) basic and five (5) advanced levels

Basic and Intermediate Levels: ADB-O1 a ADB-09
Advanced Levels: ADA-01 a ADA- 05

Intermediate Level Courses (Placement test required)

Daily superintensive course for adults (ADS)

For students who wish to complete the adult basic program in just nine (9) months. Each course covers three (3) levels, grouped as follows:


Basic Conversation (AEC-01)
This is a course for students at the upper intermediate level of English proficiency. The main objective is to develop oral comprehension and oral production skills through practice, with emphasis on idiomatic expressions and vocabulary.

Pronunciation Course (AEP)
For intermediate or advanced students of English wishing to improve their pronunciation.

Advanced Courses (Placement Test Required)

Toelf preparation course (ATF)
This course requires advanced proficiency in English. The objective is to prepare students to obtain successful scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which is a requisite for admission to colleges and universities in the United States and other countries.

Advanced conversation (AEC-02)
A practical conversation course for advanced students of English.

Medical English (AME-01)

For doctors or medical students with good general English proficiency who need to develop the ability to communicate with patients in English. Linguistic and social correctness are promoted through simulation of situations of the doctor-patient relation.



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