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Domínico Americano Pre-School

We are a preschool inside the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano- (ICDA). We offer preschool grade levels in English and present our programs with a bicultural focus.


Our preschool program fosters the development of the student as a whole through age developmental activities delivered/ facilitated by a highly qualified staff in a caring and supportive environment.
We provide a practical, child-centered approach where students are respected as individuals and encouraged to learn attending their own pace. Our grade level programs are according to age characteristics.

The Grade level Program of preschool has been designed to support the development of the child as a whole through age developmental activities which facilitate the teaching learning process.
Children are exposed to a variety of experiences to encourage creativity, individuality and to develop self - confidence.
  • Child-Centered environment
  • Caring and loving environment
  • High scope approach to learning
  • Qualified staff
  • Climate-controlled classrooms
  • Adequate Facilities (Activities Room, Snack Areas, 3 Playground Areas)
  • Educational Computers, Physical Education and Music Programs
  • Age appropriate educational resources


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