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Domínico Americano Pre-School

We are a preschool inside the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano- (ICDA). We offer preschool grade levels in English and present our programs with a bicultural focus.


Flag Ceremony

Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten students will participate in a flag ceremony every morning at 7:30 a.m. Respect is expected from students, staff members and parents attending the ceremony.
Preschool Uniforms
Uniforms must be worn daily:
  • Physical Education-PE uniform
Regular Days uniform
  • Preschool’s p.e. t-shirt  
  • Preschool´s  polo- shirt /collar shirt
  • Boys and girls     
  • Pe- elastic pants  boys-blue  elastic pants on bottom  
  • Girls -blue slacks on bottom
  • White/black  shoes /orthopedic boots allowed
  • White- black sneakers shoes
  • Velcro shoes for infants,toddler, and nursery  
  • White socks.  
  • White socks/velcro shoes 
Schedule and Punctuality

Infants, Toddler and Nursery:   From 7:35 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Prekindergarten (4 - 5 yrs): From 7:30 a. m to12:15 p. m.  Flag Ceremony at 7:35 
Kindergarten (5 - 6 yrs):  From 7:30 a. m to12:30 p. m.  Flag Ceremony at 7:35

Preschool calendar:
School year begins on the third week of August and ends on the second week of June.
Students from infant level through nursery attend school Monday thru Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 n.
Pre-kinder and kindergarten students attend from 7:30 a.m. to 12:25 m.
Children should arrive at school between 7:30 a.m. and 7:55 a.m. Any arrival in the classroom after 8:15 a.m. will be considered a tardiness.
attendance and punctuality are important for your child’s development and adjustment to school.

First week schedule: students will attend school in groups by grade level during the first three days. Parents will be notified in advance.
Sickness and absence: students must attend school regularly. In case of prolonged absence, teacher should be notified ahead of time, and a letter should be sent to the school’s office. Children with illnesses or contagious diseases should remain home.
Dismissal: for security reasons, parents must wait at the front gate until dismissal and then enter the child’s class to pick him/her up. Pupils are to be picked up on time. If someone other than the parents will pick up any student, parents should call our school (809/535.0665 ext. 3502 or 3302) or send a written note to the preschool office. The preschool secretary will call the student’s house to confirm.
Items to bring - Please Label, label everything!!!!!!

Each student needs to bring the following items to class:

  • Lunchbox with snack (see suggested health snack on the bottom)
  • Extra thermo with water.
  • Kindergarten and prekindergarten homework folder (Monday through Thursdays)
Grade level supplies:

infant / toddler / nursery: one and eighteen months, two, and three years old
  • Extra change of clothes.
  • A resting mat.
  • Wipes and pampers if necessary
  • Two boxes of tissue paper
  • Two magazines- (vanidades/hola/ parents)
  • Two boxes of handy wipes
  • One smock or large shirt for art/art and crafts apron
  • pre-kindergarten / kindergarten/four and five years old
  • One box of tissue paper.
  • One box of handy wipes
  • Two magazines- (vanidades/hola/ parents)
  • One smock or large shirt for art/art and crafts apron
  • One smock or large shirt for art.
  • Two white notebook (no lines).
  • Two icda  folder.
  • Primary journal k-2nd (handwriting without tear set) 

The following items are not allowed:
Unsafe food containers, bottles, cans, milk bottles, pacifiers or medicine. 

Healthy Snack

Our preschool encourages appropriate eating habits, and suggests the following snacks for children to bring to school:

Suggestion list: 

  • Toast, milk, sandwiches
  • Crackers, natural juice, cheese
  • Raisins, ham, marmalade
  • Cake, cornflakes, yogurts with fruits   
  • Vegetables, fruit, homemade salad, pizza
  • Doughnuts, nuts, peanut butter
  • Sodas, candies, chocolates, gums, bagged products such as: cheese balls, plantains, etc…are not allowed 

Ave. Abraham Lincoln, 21. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phone: 809 535-0665 • Fax: 809 533-8809. Webmaster 809 535-0665 (2120)
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