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La Escuela de Idiomas presents its Institutional Strategic Plan 2024-2026

With great pride, on July 1st, the Language School presented its Institutional Strategic Plan 2024-2026, the result of a deep strategic reflection process involving active participation from teachers, students, academic collaborators, and administrators at national and international levels.

This plan was presented by Engineer Ramón Sosa, Executive Director of the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano, and Robert Valcin, Director of the Language School, in close collaboration with ICDA executives and Board representatives, marking a significant stage in our educational journey. It includes our mission, vision, values, and strategic pillars designed to guide our next two years towards achieving ambitious goals.

The team involved in developing this plan included: Ramón Sosa, Executive Director of the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano; Enrique Fernández, Board Member; Robert Valcin, Director of the Language School; Rosa Bobea, Finance Director; Alicia Carlo, Director of Student Life; Vilma Sosa, Director of Human Resources; Eddy Peralta, Director of Administrative Services; Glenis Libert, Teaching Coordinator; Adalgisa Núñez, Playful Learning Program Coordinator; Joyce Calderón, Junior Program Coordinator; Daphna Reyes, Immersion English Coordinator; Indrid Severino, Administrative Coordinator of Headquarters and extensions; Ilonka Suárez, Registrar.

Sergio Acevedo, Gregorio Hernández Extension Coordinator; Glady Pérez, Playful Learning Program Supervisor; Ramón Pozo, Evening Supervisor; Ramón Cuello, Language School Teacher; Marleny Pérez, Quality Coordinator; and Michael Moore, Quality Assurance Director.

Our new vision aims to positively transform the lives of our students through linguistic learning and enriching cultural experiences. Furthermore, we strengthen the bond between the Dominican Republic and the United States, thereby consolidating our global educational influence.

With over 77 years of leadership in English language teaching, we reaffirm our commitment to making a significant impact through linguistic education. This strategic plan establishes the foundation for continued innovation and reaching new educational horizons.

We are excited about the opportunities that the future holds for us. We deeply appreciate all individuals involved in this collaborative process, whose commitment and dedication have made this excellent work possible.

The Institutional Strategic Plan 2024-2026 of the Language School marks the beginning of a new era in our institution, where educational excellence and positive impact are our guiding principles. We are ready to face challenges and seize opportunities that will allow us to continue transforming lives through the power of linguistic and cultural knowledge.