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The Book Exchange Box

The Book Exchange Box is a component of a broader initiative that aims to encourage reading among children and young people, making available reading books donated by the Domínico Americano community and external donors received for this purpose, in which anyone can donate and pick up the books located in the Book Exchange Boxes (BDB).  

This initiative also seeks to build an attitude of cooperation and exchange governed by the principle of “donate a book and collect a book”. However, it is possible to withdraw, even if you do not donate, and for this it is important that you know the policies:  
    1. Books donated by the public must be placed in the boxes provided for this purpose in the School offices, the School Children’s Library, or the Lincoln Library (BL).  
    2. Donated books must be in proper physical condition (not torn or old) and of appropriate subject matter for the specified age groups. School textbooks or books on controversial subjects will not be accepted.  
    3. Lincoln Library (BL) staff will select books to be placed in the BDBs according to age group: children in grades K-4, in the Book Exchange Box in the Children’s Library; and young-adult books in the Book Exchange Box, located in the Student Plaza of the Cultural Complex (south wall of the small cafeteria).  
    4. The BL staff will check at the end of each day if there are books available for exchange; and will proceed as established in section 2 of this policy. They will also remove books that have been placed there by the public if they do not meet the defined requirements (appropriate for age groups or physical condition of the books, etc.).