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Un Cocinao’ para Thanksgiving

Un Cocinao’ para Thanksgiving is a project organized by the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic together with the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano, which aims to introduce the Dominican community to the traditional dinner par excellence in the United States to commemorate Thanksgiving. This important celebration takes place every year on the fourth Thursday of November.

In this section we will be sharing a series of videos with the recipes of the most traditional Thanksgiving dinner dishes and to show us their preparation we have different representatives of the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano (ICDA), and the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo.

Join us in this series of episodes recorded in the culinary laboratory of the Universidad Domínico Americano to delight us with the delicious dishes that our participants prepared. We encourage you to prepare your own Thanksgiving dinner, it’s always a pleasure to enjoy with family and friends!

Special thanks to USMeat for the pork leg and USA Poultry and Eggs Export Council (USAPEEC) for the turkey.

Un Cocinao' para Thanksgiving. Get to know our kitchen, we have something for you!

Get to know our Un Cocinao 'project for Thanksgiving!

Ep. 01 Un Cocinao' para Thanksgiving - Sweet potatoes

Ep. 02 Un Cocinao' para Thanksgiving - Suckling pig

Ep. 03 Un Cocinao' para Thanksgiving - Turkey and Cranberry Sauce/Gravy.

Ep. 04 Un Cocinao' para Thanksgiving - Relleno

Ep. 05 Un Cocinao' para Thanksgiving - Pumpkin Pie with pecan praline topping

Closing Un Cocinao' para Thanksgiving