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The Instituto Cultural Domínico-Americano (ICDA) was founded on January 26, 1947 by a group of Dominicans and Americans residing in the country, with the purpose of strengthening the friendship and cultural ties between the United States of America and the Dominican Republic.

Its initial activity consisted of stimulating education in general and culture, as well as increasing knowledge, understanding and relations between these two countries, forming their intellectual and spiritual understanding through a comprehensive program of cultural relations and teaching at different levels.

Since its foundation, the ICDA has always remained at the forefront in offering educational services to Dominican society, dominating the English language teaching market by establishing standards of high quality and innovation.

In 1981, the Domínico Americano School was founded, with the purpose of providing a balanced educational program with instruction in the English language while preserving the Spanish language and Dominican culture and history.

In 1989, after exhausting a rigorous evaluation process, the National Council for Higher Education (CONES) approved the creation of an Institute of Higher Studies at the undergraduate level, and recommended its approval to the central government. Thus, through Decree No. 226 dated June 6, 1989, the Instituto Cultural Domínico-Americano acquired the faculty to issue degrees at the Higher Technician level in the areas of Computer Science, Tourism, Accounting, Business Administration, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and Bilingual Executive Secretary.

On March 20, 2001, through Decree No. 389-01, the Executive Branch granted the Instituto Cultural Domínico-Americano the benefit of legal personality to grant higher academic degrees, thus placing the ICDA in the category of University.

Currently the institution has a wide academic-cultural offer composed of:

The University with its Undergraduate, Graduate, Continuing Education programs and Teachers Development Center.

The Language School with its English as a second language program and a Spanish program for foreigners.

The School that offers primary and secondary education.

The Preschool for children 2 years and older.

The Cultural Department in charge of all cultural programs, such as the Workshop Theater, the Mixed Choir, the Julio Alberto Hernández Male Choir and the Escuela de Arte y Cultura, in addition to managing the Exhibition Gallery and the Patrick N. Hughson Auditorium.

The Lincoln Library.

The Office of Student Advisory.

1947 to present

Hernán Cruz Ayala                       1947
Julio Júpiter                                          1952/1959
Dr. Jerome Gerendasy                           1958
Marino Auffant                                   1962
Julio D. Postigo                                          1963
Earl Threan                                                  1966/1980-1981     
Frank G. Brennan                                    1971
Dr. Alejandro Read                                   1971
Patrick N. Hughson                           1971/1978-1979 
Pedro Morales Troncoso                    1976-1977/1988-1989/1990-1991   
Carl Gustavson                                    1977-1978 
Dr. José Ramón Hernández                    1978 
Elizabeth García-Godoy                    1981-1982 
Alfredo Lebrón Pumarol                      1982-1984 
Pedro Antonio Rodríguez                   1984-1986 
S. S. Houston                                      1987-1988/1989-1990
Engracia Franjul de Abate                 1991-1995/2009-2011
Eduardo Fernández P.                       1995-1996 
Stephen R. Tiernay                              1996-1998 
José del Carmen Ariza                      1998-2006/2011-2018
Mark Reilly                                          2006-2009
Darys Estrella                                      2018-2021
Darío Lama Reyes                               2021-current