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Access to Electronic Information Resources
    • Domínico Americano School students obtain their username and password to Britannica or EBSCO from their teachers; or from the BL service staff.
    • Universidad Domínico Americano students; ICDA faculty and staff obtain their username and password to EBSCO and eLibraryUSA from their academic coordinators; or from the BL service staff.
    • eLibraryUSA can only be accessed from the BL stations.
Document Loans
    • The benefit of borrowing documents to take home to Domínico Americano School (DAS) students, Universidad Dominico Americano students, ICDA faculty and staff, and certain types of documents to special users requires compliance with the rules and policies of Biblioteca Lincoln.
    • The time for which a document is loaned varies from seven days (7). Ask the service staff if you need more time for the loan you make; or the renewal you make.
    • Late return of documents will result in overdue charges as outlined in the Biblioteca Lincoln’s Policies, Procedures and Standards Manual.
    • You will not be eligible for new loans until the overdue item(s) is/are returned and the overdue charges have been paid. Payment of overdue charges must be made at the ICDA’s general cashier; and a copy of the cashier’s receipt delivered to the circulation area of Biblioteca Lincoln.
    • Borrowed documents may be returned in the drop box placed at the entrance of the ICDA north campus buildings or at the library.
Use of group study rooms
    • Reservations for study rooms can be made in person, by telephone or by writing to by an individual or a group one week in advance without exceeding more than three reservations in one week.
    • The time of use is two (2) hours; however, students working on special projects may be granted more time.