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We are grateful for the visit made by the staff of Instituto Nacional de la Administración Pública (INAP) on March 1st to learn about the academic offerings and facilities of our institution.

The meeting was attended by Robert Valcin, director of the Language School; Alicia Carlo, director of customer relationship; Karlans Camacho, coordinator of Continuing Education and the Teacher Development Center of Universidad Domínico Americano; Gledis Libert and Ilonka Súarez, coordinators of the Language School; Evelyn Chamah, head of the academic management division of INAP, as well as the different academic coordinators of INAP: Lea Paulino, Mario Crusset, César Peralta, Pedro Figueroa, Rixi Melo, Rogelia Rubio, Paola Díaz, Sabina Belén, María Jiménez, Rudelania Frías and Deilin Matos.