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With great excitement and pride, the Language School of the Domínico Americano celebrated its graduation ceremony on October 12, 2023, recognizing an outstanding group of students who have successfully completed their training in English and Spanish as foreign languages. 

The event, which took place in the Patrick N. Hughson Auditorium, was a testament to the hard work and dedication of these students and marked an important milestone in the lives of our graduates. During the ceremony, students were celebrated and congratulated for their achievements, receiving diplomas that attest to their knowledge and symbolize their efforts.  

The opening speech was given by Eng. Ramón Sosa, Executive Director of the Dominican American Cultural Institute, accompanied by words from the Director of the Language School, Mr. Robert Valcin. In addition, there were also speeches by Gabrielle Lockhart, Cynthia Herrera, Moesha Blaise, Brauny de Jesús Hernández, and Débora Valera, outstanding in their respective programs, and a presentation by the members of the UNICDA Mixed Choir directed by the Maestro Viterbo Peña. 

This event served as an opportunity to recognize the hard work of the students, who have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in learning English. Special recognition was also given to outstanding students for their academic performance.  

The Language School of the Domínico Americano is proud of its new graduates and looks forward to being part of their continued success in the future.