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Santo Domingo, November 2021 – The Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano, through its Cultural Direction, launched its new School of Arts and Culture with a broad multidisciplinary training program focused on the necessary aspects for the creation and training of artists, both children, adolescents and adults, based on the institution’s mission to promote and create ties between the cultures of the people of the Dominican Republic and the United States.

The launching ceremony was led by Mr. Ramón Sosa, Executive Director of the ICDA, who expressed the importance for the institution to be able to add a unit with these characteristics to its academic programs.

Alexei Tellerías, Cultural Director, said: “We are sure that this new educational branch of the institution will be an alternative to be taken into account by those who have any kind of artistic interest for themselves or their dependents, and that with it we will contribute to the cultural development of our country”.

The academic portfolio was presented by Karlans Camacho, Coordinator of the Continuing Education Unit of the Universidad Domínico Americano, who explained that it is divided into large blocks by artistic discipline covering the visual arts, dance, music and theater.

In Visual Arts, workshops will be offered in Illustration, Graphic Design, Drawing, Hand Lettering, Photography, Creative Writing, Songwriting Techniques. In Dance, the Contemporary and Urban Dance programs will be offered. In the Music portfolio, participants will be able to enroll in the guitar, ukulele and electric bass programs, among others.

The School of Arts and Culture will have two new diploma programs: Podcaster for adults and Junior Podcaster for teenagers. The first is a 54-hour program divided into 18-hour modules. It has a modular modality with the option of a certificate upon presentation of the corresponding credits. The second offers the space for young people from 13 to 17 years old to learn about the world of podcasting from its origin to the skills to produce their own episodes. The program has 2 modules for a total of 24 theoretical and practical hours.

The launching activity included an artistic program with the participation of the contemporary dance group led by Professor Marianela Boan, live music with Camilo Rijo Fulcar and the exhibition of works by some of the visual artists who will be part of the school’s teaching staff.

As part of the launching, several artistic activities will be carried out for the students of the different programs of the institution that will cover all the disciplines that will be part of the school under the concept “Artist’s Week”.

All information related to the School of Art and Culture is available at, through institutional social networks and contact channels.


More about ICDA  

The Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano was founded on January 26, 1947 by a group of Dominicans and North Americans residing in the country, with the purpose of strengthening the ties of friendship and culture between the United States of America and the Dominican Republic.

Since its foundation, it has been an institution that has always been at the forefront in educational services to the Dominican society, dominating the English language teaching market.

Currently, the institution has a wide range of academic and cultural programs, including higher education: undergraduate, graduate, continuing education and the Teacher Development Center; school: primary and secondary; preschool education, for children from 2 years of age; language school, with an English as a second language program and a Spanish for foreigners program; the Cultural Department, which directs cultural programs; the Lincoln Library and the Student Advising Office.

November 5, 2021