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In a spirit of collaboration and commitment to education, FUNDAPEC and UNICDA join forces to forge a brighter future through an inter-institutional agreement that represents a unique opportunity for students to access higher education with the support of FUNDAPEC educational credit.  

As part of this agreement we will work together to organize information days and financial education workshops, ensuring that our students are well informed and prepared for their educational journey.

The agreement was signed by our rector, Mr. Ramón Sosa, and Ms. Regla Brito De Vargas, Executive Director of FUNDAPAPEC. Also participating on behalf of UNICDA were Dr. Laura Reyes, Academic Vice Rector and Ms. Alicia Carlo, Director of Student Life. From FUNDAPEC, Mr. Enrique Almánzar, Marketing Manager, Lucila Tavarez, representative of the Marketing Department and Katherine Haché Nadal, Communications Manager.

This agreement is a testament to our shared commitment to access to education and the development of Dominican youth. Together, we are paving the way for a brighter academic future.