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We are proud to welcome Chelsia Hetrick, who was recently appointed as Public Affairs Counselor of the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo. Her visit strengthens our cultural and educational ties, promoting an enriching exchange between our nations.

During the meeting, we explored the solid historical foundations, the organizational structure and the broad academic offerings that make up the ICDA. The President of the Board of Directors, Dario Lama, together with the Executive Director and Rector of UNICDA, Engineer Ramon Sosa, welcomed Mrs. Hetrick, who was accompanied by Timothy Brown, Alexander Lopez, Lidia Valdez and Crislena Mendez from the embassy team. Also present during the tour of the different areas of our headquarters were: Sofia Otero, Cultural Director; Karlans Camacho, Coordinator of Continuing Education and the Teacher Development Center of UNICDA; Alicia Carlo, Director of Student Life; Robert Valcin, Director of the School of Languages and Linda Mauad, Director of the Domínico Americano School.

We are grateful for their visit.